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Thank you for recommending the Vortex Energy Filter. I tested my whole house with the Pulsor pendulum and found counterclockwise spins everywhere. Even though I built my house over super high energy, I was literally living in a cocoon of negativity. I should have known better because I studied the negative health effects associated with ELF radiation back in the late 70’s/early 80’s but moved on to other topics of interests. Now my whole house (walls, appliances, computer, etc.) has a positive clockwise spin. Nothing is more profoundly effective then going back to the basics. Thank you for reminding me of what I should have remembered. L.F., GA, 2015

I had a great deal of contact with George Yao before I became interested in his Micro Crystals. We were studying and debating the effects of Electronic Smog on the nature. Without warning I went blind in one eye and after 3 top ophthalmologists found a tumor at the back, I was told tough luck, nothing can be done. Really in passing, I told George about my situation to which he said he could fix it in 3 months. I really did not believe him but gave it a try as nothing else was hopeful. George sent me some Infra Cards which were to be worn over the eyes at night. They pulsed between 4 and 12 Htz which George told me were invasive to unhealthy tissue and passive to healthy tissue. Well, it worked and after 3 months I had 80% vision and after 5 months total vision. The professor of ophthalmology saw that the tumor had dried up and gone. He wanted me to write a paper as this was something they could learn from. I didn’t write that paper as I didn’t have degrees etc., but surely it was all well documented and recorded. Another good report: I was breeding Sea Horses for liberation back in the ocean. Two tanks about 8 gallons each with 200 in each. They were not developing as I felt they should so I placed a couple of Infra Cards under one tank and nothing under the other. The difference was quickly quite dramatic in growth and activity. The tank without cards continued to sulk and yet the two systems were identical. 

Mike A., N.Z. 2010

I have been experimenting with the Galactical Pulsors in the layouts you sent by PDF. The Galacticals are indeed much more powerful than just the triangle pendants. The result I find most outstanding is the state of relaxation that occurs after placing them on the body. In addition, I find that even if my sleep is interrupted by my husband getting up two or three times at night, I can simply do a Pulsor Self-Balancing treatment and have the same energy that I would have gained from a full night of uninterrupted sleep. I never wore a lot of jewelry but stopped wearing my solar watch. I have had more emotional calmness and do not react as strongly to stressful events. I have also noticed that wearing the Pulsors has reduced the number of negative thoughts and increased the positive ones. Wow!In terms of psychic protection the Galacticals provide Encryption for your energy field. Eddie’s mental outlook has improved and I find he is more content with his life. It seems that he has been able to let go of past events and embrace the life here in the present. I wonder if the Galacticals work like the Vortex Energy Filter? The VEF will cleanse a building, land, etc. from past impressions…perhaps the Galacticals do the same thing within the mental body of an individual? The Galactical Pulsors have been a God Send and thank you for making them available!”  Eddie & Diane Box, N.C. 2011

“Using my Acu-Pulsor in combination with my Pulsor card I have been able to remove energies from my body causing jaw pain, headache, dental pain, eye strain, as well as to remove general anxiety, speediness and generalized malaise due to EMF, computer monitor, and cell phone exposure. I can recommend their use highly.”  Alan Post, Marina, CA

“I have found the Pulsors to be highly effective in creating a therapeutic environment amidst the technology utilized within our office and my home. The applications for Pulsors are many. I use them on a daily basis to prepare the space, to clear energy and to dowse for specific remedies.”  Katie Mickey, Director, Santa Barbara Body Therapy Institute

“I originally expected that Pulsor would provide help with EMF problems, but I didn’t anticipate that 9 out of 10 people would experience noticeably quick effects… At times the equipment has been so effective as to be shocking.”  Holland Franklin, Trauma Therapist, Santa Barbara, CA

“Just wanted to thank you again with your help on using the Pulsors for getting dental work done. I didn’t even have to take an aspirin! I’ve also had wonderful results using them this week for a sinus infection. Wow!”  Ann Richter, San Antonio, TX

“Chemically, structurally, emotionally, everything will change for the better with Pulsor. My patients and I feel better using the Pulsor tools.” ? Theresa Gormly, DC, Beverly Hills, CA “After nearly a year of researching options for mitigating the harmful effects of electromagnetic fields and eliminating geo-pathic stress, I realized the Pulsor technology could do both…”  MaryAnn Russell, Huntington Beach, CA

“I continue to be as enthusiastic as always as to what PULSORS can accomplish. It is so gratifying and fulfilling. It’s been mind- boggling. I could, if necessary, give up many things but never PULSORS.” Georgina McGuire, FL

“All this paraphernalia (Elect. typewriter, computer, laser printer, copy machine, telephone etc.) is contained in my office, which is 11 ft. by 18 ft. So you can imagine how miserable I was before you brought your PULSOR. I can tell you how nervous and itchy I always felt. From the happy day when you brought your PULSOR, which I connected to all of the aforementioned equipment, I felt normal again. That is, my body and mind are feeling at ease and peaceful.”  C.R. Switzerland

I will not go for a day without wearing the PULSORS as I know how my energy level drops if I forget to wear the PULSORS….”  B.T. HI

“I have been using PULSORS for the past two years now, and have observed the following: Relief from pain when applied to specific areasA feeling of increased energy after using them in ways described in Dr. Yao’s bookA perception of reaching deeper levels when used in conjunction with meditation techniques”  A.D. FL

“Since using the PULSORS my energy has been extended… Even at the end of the day my energies are higher than before… I would never like to be without a PULSOR on my body… At night I keep the PULSORS around my bed and will use them in different positions to relax and protect my body during the night. Also, I use the PULSORS in my office around my treatment area so that both the patient and myself benefit from the balanced energies.”  G.H., DC VA

“The PULSORS came at the right moment. When my wife suffered for two years with a tennis elbow. Only an operation could help her. With the PULSORS she was able to cure herself in a few days! … My wife, my two children and I wear PULSORS. I have PULSORS in our house and in my office. Until now I only treated my family with PULSORS, but since I work with PULSORS our whole life has completely changed. We feel healthier, much better, we are not so tired anymore. The atmosphere in our home and my office has changed with PULSORS. My patients (+/- 3,000) don’t know that PULSORS are placed in my office but they feel the change. Since one and a half years the behavior of the patients has changed. They are losing their stress in my waiting room; no one is angry or loses their temper anymore. I want to express my gratitude for having met you and your PULSORS.”  I.C. MD, Holland

“The daily use of PULSORS has increased and stimulated our body energy and has enhanced the relaxation of our energy centers when needed. PULSORS help us to create a harmonious living and working environment for our daily routine. We are able to store energy … Our blood pressure and heart rhythm have become normal and we are in the best of health…”  B.R. & C.R. HI

“I am 86 years old and have had arthritis in my hands for at least 10 years. I have used all kinds of creams and other preparations but nothing ever helped much. My daughter gave me a set of PULSORS several years ago but I would put them in my drawer and forget to use them. One day I was saying how bad my hands were hurting and she asked, “Mother where are your PULSORS?” She put them in my hands and after holding them for a while the aching went away. That was over two years ago and now I am never without them. I have them under my pillow at night and when the pain gets bad I just hold one in each hand. It is the only thing that helps me get a good night’s sleep. I would recommend the PULSORS to anyone with pain.”  I.P. CA

“I’m having great results using the Pulsors with people. Together with what else I do, it’s very great. And it’s a great relief on my energy field because I feel things so differently. Even when I wasn’t using energy with people, I would still feel so much run through my body & I don’t with these, even when I don’t wear the pendant. Quite great. I thank you both so much for introducing me to them. I also feel so natural with them, as if I had been using them a very long time. I’ve had interesting feedback about the Filter. One woman with lupus said, before she knew I was using it, that the pains in her legs disappeared when she came into my workspace. When I unplugged the unit, they returned, and left again when I plugged it back in. In another house we plugged in the VEF & I’m always AMAZED at the difference it makes. This is in the “psychic attack” house, and the upliftment was extreme. We were laughing spontaneously after about 20 minutes. It is one of the supreme Feng Shui tools. I’m getting such nice reports from the Pulsor buyers so far. One woman’s retarded epileptic son is having far fewer seizures! Very cool.”  H.F. CA