“Electromagnetic Fields  The Invisible Cause Of Disease: Maintaining One’s Health In A Sea of Invisible Energetic Discord” by Claus Kirchner

Energy Balancing through the Pulse of Crystals By Ulrich Arndt, translated from the German publication esotera.

Research Demonstrating The Benefits of Pulsor Technology

Pulsor and Rats Study: This study was conducted to examine the effects of the use of fluorescent lighting on the blood chemistry of rats and the concurrent mitigating effect of the application of Pulsor devices to the electrical circuit.

Dark Field Blood Studies: The following study was conducted to examine, through Live Cell Microscopy, the effects of cell phone use on individuals and the subsequent corrective effect of Pulsor use. Conducted by Christa Uricher, ND, Baden-Baden, Germany

Healthy Blood Blood Picture Before Pulsor
Treatment –
Subject works on a computer 8 hours per day but feels healthy
Blood Picture After 50 Minute Treatment with Pulsors – Free Red Blood Corpuscles
Blood Picture Before Breakfast and Before Pulsor Treatment – Over Acidified Blood Picture After Breakfast and Before Pulsor Treatment– Mucor Symplast Blood Picture After Breakfast and After Pulsor Treatment – Healthy Leucocytes
Blood Picture After Three Minutes of Cell Phone Use – Mucor Symplast on Right Blood Picture After Three Minutes of Cell Phone Use [view 2] – Aspergillus Symplast Blood Picture After Fifteen Minutes with a Pulsor in Each Hand [cell phone no longer in use] – No Symplast

Pulsor Techniques

Human Vortex Energy Centers

One Pulsor Applications

Acu-Pulsor Spin Tester