Huffington’s Sleep Revolution



According to Arianna Huffington, we are in the midst of a sleep deprivation crisis, which has profound consequences on our health, work performance, relationships and our overall happiness. Ms. Huffington asserts that what is needed is nothing short of a “sleep revolution”. She feels that by developing a healthy relationship with sleep, we can take back control of our lives.

I wholeheartedly agree. I find a good percentage of clients I speak with have problems with sleep, and I can count myself in that as well. I was fortunate enough to recently come across a PBS interview with Charlie Rose and Ms. Huffington about her book The Sleep Revolution and that interview set off all sorts of bells and whistles for me. I could really see the scope of this immense problem and am grateful for the wake-up call (no pun intended).

A lot of us used to brag about how we didn’t need much sleep and could accomplish our goals without it. Many of us still talk this way. We are paying a hefty price for this attitude.

Apparently one day in 2007, Arianna Huffington woke up to find herself on the floor of her office in a pool of blood. The Huffington Post founder had collapsed from exhaustion and broken her cheekbone as a result of the fall. She had been working 18-hour days for the preceding two years while building her site, which is considered one of the most widely-read in the U.S..

This experience led to a thoroughly researched, scientifically-based and very personal exploration of sleep from all angles – from the history of sleep, the role of dreams in our lives, the consequences of sleep deprivation in our lives to the enormous health impact to our minds and bodies. This is a very important work.

The book is structured in two parts. In section one, “The Wakeup Call,” Huffington lays out the arguments for why we need sleep, drawing on evidence from history, religion, science, and economics, convincing us of the need to seriously address this issue.
Part two is full of prescriptive advice on how to get more, better quality sleep. Her number one recommendation: “Take all devices and gently escort them out of the bedroom.”

According to Ms. Huffington, getting more sleep is less about tools and techniques than about a mindset shift:

“To be able to leave the outside world behind each night when we go to sleep, we need to first recognize that we are more than our struggles and more than our victories and failures. We are not defined by our jobs and titles, and we are vastly more than our resumes. By helping us keep the world in perspective, sleep gives us a chance to refocus on the essence of who we are.”

I highly recommend this book.

The Cancer Conqueror

Recommended Book: The Cancer Conqueror by Greg Anderson
Cells in your body react negativity
As the Five Elements Stabilizer Pulsors are particularly suited to releasing (long-held) emotions, I thought I would share about a wonderful book that demonstrates how a “positive attitude and hopeful spirit” can contribute to our healing.
In 1984, Greg Anderson was told he only had a few weeks to live as a result of “incurable” late-stage metastatic lung cancer. He made a decision to then finally heal the relationships with everyone in his life, including his father and with God.
Greg considers his release of anger and an extremely difficult but sincere act of forgiveness toward a former business associate to be the pivotal turning point of his illness. Following that dramatic encounter, he realized he was “free” and proceeded to make a full recovery from the “incurable” cancer. His physical condition began to improve and he felt his heart, mind and spirit had been healed.

Within a year, Greg made the decision to help others heal their cancer based on what he had learned going through his own difficult journey. In 1985, he founded the nonprofit Cancer Recovery Foundation of America.

Cancer Recovery Foundation International has become a global affiliation of national organizations whose mission is to help all people prevent and survive cancer.

Greg is recognized as one of the world’s leading wellness authorities.

I highly recommend this book.

Electrical Hypersensitivity Recognized as Disease

Beautiful pic2Recent Appeals to World Health Organization to designate Electrical Hypersensitivity (EHS) and Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (MCS) as officially recognized diseases.
?Scientists from the US, Canada and Europe who met at the Fifth Paris Appeals Congress on May 18, 2015 voted unanimously to write an international declaration to request the World Health Organization (WHO) to designate Electrical Hypersensitivity (EHS) and Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (MCS) as officially recognized diseases in its International Classification of Diseases (ICD).
* ?To read their appeal, click?here?.
* ?To view the website announcing the appeal, go to ? ? ? ?
?Nineteen scientists from around the world met at the Paris Appeals Congress sponsored by the Royal Academy of Medicine, Belgium, and the European Cancer and Environment Research Institute (ECERI), to discuss, “A focus on Electrohypersensitivity (EHS) and Multiple chemical sensitivity (MCS); Idiopathic Environmental Intolerance: What Role for Electromagnetic Fields and Chemicals?”
* To watch a video summary of the proceedings,
* To listen to free audio recordings of presentations,?click?here.
Stated in the Appeal:
In view of our present scientific knowledge, we thereby stress all national and international bodies and institutions, more particularly the World Health Organization (WHO), to recognize EHS and MCS as true medical conditions which acting as sentinel diseases may create a major public health concern in years to come worldwide i.e. in all the countries implementing unrestricted use of electromagnetic field-based wireless technologies and marketed chemical substances.

Important Tip About Routers

I talk with many clients who have discovered they are negatively affected by the WiFi transmission from their routers and the partnered mobile devices. (Please be aware that WiFi transmission occurs both from the router and each mobile device.) . I always encourage turning the routers off at night, no matter where in the house they are located and turning off the WiFi and BlueTooth settings on any mobile device as well.
Our colleague, Oram Miller, has some good information about “Safer Use of Computers” and included in this article is good info on routers.
Remember that our sleep time is of paramount importance when it comes to regaining, building and maintaining our health.
Myriad fundamental processes occur in our body-mind system at this time and to occur properly, have to take place without any unnatural energetic interference.

Why we need a Sleeping Sanctuary

Why We Need a Sleep Sanctuary

It?s about Stress ? and ?de-stressing?

This month we want to share an article based on information taught by the Institute for Building Biology and Ecology (IBBE), a group with which we have recently chosen to affiliate with and learn from.?

The human body is an amazing, self-rejuvenating organism that has the ability to repair itself while it sleeps. This is accomplished through its internal electrical system that continuously transmits crucial low level electrical impulses to every cell in the body.

These electrical impulses, generated by the brain, contain the command and control messages for cellular regulation and intercellular communication. This is possible because the body is composed mainly of water with a high mineral content making it highly electrically conductive.

Cells know when to divide by vibrating. Brain cells, nerve cells, bone cells, all vibrate at different rates, using Resonance to communicate with one another. Due to this property of Resonance our bodies act like tuning forks. In our technological world, this becomes problematic because when you place a tuning fork (our body) in proximity to another tuning fork (an external electrical influence, in this example), the first will start vibrating at the frequency or rate of the external influence. This intrusion occurs throughout each and every day; not even ceasing during our time of rest and healing.

In the typical sleeping area, the electrical exposure from external sources (live electrical wiring in ceilings, walls and floors and now, all our mobile devices) is thousands of times stronger than the body?s own electrical system. Our cells, through this repeated cumulative exposure can lose the integrity of their intrinsic signal and become ?confused? as to how properly to grow, repair and rejuvenate.

Long-term exposure to these high level electric fields can impair the body?s ability to communicate within itself and fundamentally impact health.?Younger, developing?bodies?are particularly?susceptible.

Fortunately, some people develop warning symptoms when they experience exposure to elevated levels of electricity. Insomnia, headaches, hyperactivity, nightmares, depression, fatigue, eyestrain, muscle tension and behavioral issues are all messages that alert us that something is just not right.

The average person spends approximately 1/3 of their life sleeping.

Doesn?t it make sense to address and reduce exposure to these disruptive influences in our sleeping areas?

5 Easy Steps to?Create a Sleeping Sanctuary
1) Use battery clocks near bed.
Research has shown exposure to high?magnetic fields while sleeping can cause?severe long-term illness. Many electric?clocks produce high magnetic fields.
2) Turn off bedroom-affecting circuits
A restful sleep is necessary for health?and a strong immune system. Electric?fields affect your bio-communications,?keeping you from sleeping soundly.
3) Eliminate or shield from RF.
Radio frequency (RF) signals from?portable phones, cell phones, and wireless?devices have been shown to interfere with?the body’s immune system.
4) Use beds without metal.
Metal frames and metal box springs can?amplify and distort the earth’s natural?magnetic field, which can lead to a non-restful?sleep. Use natural materials.
5) Make sure there are no elevated
magnetic fields.
Magnetic fields from appliances and?building wiring can penetrate walls into?a bedroom and disrupt the body’s?communication system.
Note: When these practices are utilized, your Pulsors are freed from some of the task of clearing/protective work and are able to provide even deeper therapeutic benefits.

Simple No-Cost EMF Relief


Marv and I recently had the opportunity to have an evaluation of our home by an EMF Radiation Specialist for the purpose of detecting and mitigating any sources of?electric,? magnetic,? and radio frequency field disruption.

The object of these kinds of evaluations is to alleviate or minimize, on the gross level, the negative effects of the EMF sources in the environment.

I would like to mention that this “more conventional” treatment of these distorting sources works hand-in-hand with the benefits that Pulsors provide.? Once the disrupters have been minimized as much as possible at the gross level, Pulsor can do its work even more deeply allowing one to create a deeply supportive and therapeutic environment.

Turns out our home has a minimal amount of EMF distortions, and, something very interesting was revealed. In my private office, I sit at a computer desk with wired equipment. I have a Vortex Energy Filter in that room and I thought I was fairly comfortable in front of the computer. Over the years it has been proven to me that Pulsor conditioning has allowed me to spend a lot of necessary time in front of the computer.

The EMF consultant tested for electric and magnetic fields all around my computer desk. Turns out there was a VERY high magnetic field right where my feet and legs rest. This field was coming from a small AC to DC transformer plugged into a power strip which was mounted on the chassis of my work station. These transformers are utilized by many small electronic devices (chargers for appliances, power supplies for hard-drives, motems, etc.).? You can recognize these as small square or rectangular plastic boxes. However, at times the transformer is built into the electrical device itself which makes positioning more problematic, especially if it is something one uses regularly.

For many years we have been aware that these cheap, unshielded transformers are a prevalent source of energetic interference and we have been able to mitigate their effects very effectively with Pulsor. However, despite Pulsor’s action, the easiest and first remedy in a situation like this is to simply move the transformer as far away from your position as possible. Then, if one still experiences negative effects, apply the appropriate Pulsor correction.

The consultant showed us that simply increasing the distance to the transformer drastically reduced the strength of its field as field strength usually drops rapidly with increasing distance.

There are times when it is impractical to move the appliance due to its regular use in your daily life or the construction of the device itself, so then, we look to Pulsor as a remedy.

I have to say, since the change at my computer table, I am even more relaxed at the computer and I am sleeping better.

Also, had it not been that I had a Vortex Filter in that area, I might have had a very severe problem.

So the purpose of my sharing this is for you to look around anywhere you spend a lot of time.? Do you see these little black boxes near you or do you have small appliances around you? Do yourself a favor and move the transformers as far from your position as possible and see if you have a different energetic experience.


Harmonize Your Energy Field

Energy you radiate

I’ll make this short and sweet.

For us to attract persons, places, things that are for our highest good, we need to have a clear energy field. There are many ways our fields become distorted and blocked, EMF and wifi among them.

The Pulsors have an activity in the subtle energy fields that is literally able to change and amplify our vibrations and that of our environment, making it possible to clear away distortions and blockages which prevent us from experiencing all of who we are.

With an AcuPulsor and another Pulsor, one can scan one’s field and pin-point those areas that are blocked and release the blockage at the same time.? Another way to achieve this is with a set of Pulsors placed strategically on various parts of the body and in a reasonable amount of time, energy is moved and released out of the field creating a sense of calm and balance.

Building Your Pulsor Toolkit

Building Your Pulsor Toolkit

Spring is around the corner (March 20 in the US) and to support you in “springing forward”, we are offering all products at a 15% discount until March 31.

Is it time for you to add to your collection of Pulsors and build an effective toolkit?

As Pulsor is a complete system for energetic health and well-being, consider what may make your kit more useful and versatile.

If you have personal protection Pulsors, consider getting the Vortex Energy Filter to?neutralize the normally disruptive Alternating Current EM field produced by the wiring within the walls of your home or workplace. There are many stories of people who were uncomfortable in certain parts of their immediate environment and once they install the filter, there is an instant feeling of calm in those areas.? Conditioning your environment is extremely important to your state of health and well-being. Electrical devices could be causing your body to be in a state of constant stress and discomfort, which leads to imbalances in your system.

If you only have the Vortex Energy Filter, consider getting a personal protection Pulsor or set of therapeutic Pulsors. Not only those of us who are highly sensitive, but everyone needs to be protected when away from their Pulsor-conditioned environment. We are exposed to many types of disorienting subtle fields and Pulsor affords protection from their disruptive effects on our personal biofield. And for some, that might mean a set of therapeutic Pulsors – to wear as protection but also to do regular energy balancing on one’s self and family.

I urge those of you who have therapeutic Pulsors to get the AcuPulsor Spin-tester. The AcuPulsor has a special affinity with the therapeutic Pulsors and subtle fields, allowing one to identify areas of imbalanced energy in the body and the environment and when coupled with your therapeutic Pulsors, can effectively restore natural energetic balance. The AcuPulsor can also be worn or carried as a personal protector.

The Pulsor Cards, in addition to being worn on the body, can be utilized to neutralize the negative energies from small appliances, computer keyboards and monitors.

Of course, for those of you wanting to practice energy balancing on others, there is much benefit to be derived from all the various therapeutic Pulsors.

Also, we offer trainings in our home, and by email and phone.

Are You Energetically Sensitive??Part 2

Peace comes by learning

Continuing the discussion about sensitivity, I recently heard an interesting little talk by Dr. Ted Zeff, Ph.D., who is considered one of the world’s experts on the trait of high sensitivity.? His doctorate is in psychology and he has authored many books about the subject as well as given presentations and workshops in the U.S. and internationally. He has over 25 years experience counseling sensitive children and adults.

Dr. Zeff’s research concluded that 20% of the population is highly sensitive. That means at least 50 million Americans have a finely tuned nervous system. 50 million people have thought there is something wrong with them because of their high sensitivity, are highly sensitive to noise, are overwhelmed being in crowds and by other people’s emotions. (By the way, this information has only come to light in recent years.)

I have to admit this number surprised me and made me realize that an awful lot of people are just not talking about this or are hiding who they are. I have a neighbor who calls himself a recluse, but I wonder if he is just very sensitive.

According to Dr. Zeff, and this of course makes sense, this issue is much more difficult for boys, than girls. Society expects girls to express their emotions, but not boys. One study actually showed that newborn infant boys are more emotional than infant girls, but by the time they are 4 or 5, boys have started repressing emotions, except anger. For a sensitive boy who feels things deeply, they usually feel they don’t fit in.? This can lead to denial of the real self in an attempt to fit in. Men who have repressed emotion have problems in their relationships, jobs, friendships, etc. They are taught not to admit something is wrong.

On the flip side, the research also found there are many positives to being so sensitive. Sensitive people tend to be very responsible, making great workers. They have deep spiritual experiences, are very intuitive and in touch with divine energy. They appreciate music and art more deeply and feel love more deeply. They tend to be kind and sensitive to other’s needs.

Therefore, to enjoy the positive aspects of being sensitive, be aware and plan ahead. Speak your truth if you don’t want to go to that party or crowded place.

Do what you need to keep your nervous system happy.

Being in the moment, being present, is a primary way to find your peace and happiness.

Are You Energetically Sensitive?

EM field of the heart

I decided to open a dialogue about this subject because I have had quite a number of clients “confess” to me that they were living like a recluse -?uncomfortable going out in public or going to social functions with a lot of people – because they couldn’t handle the energy. Further sharing that they couldn’t handle other people’s energy or the energy in the environment, being exposed to a lot of noise, dealing with people drinking heavily, or my personal bigee – being around a lot of perfume.

I use the word “confess” because a lot of people seem very reticent to talk about this, even embarrassed, and do not have support or understanding from spouses or friends, judging this as abnormal behavior. For those who haven’t established that their sensitivity is out of the ordinary, this only makes them think that perhaps something is wrong with them or they’re crazy. After all, doesn’t everybody pretty much function the same? In fact, while we all share the same brain-mind/nervous system physiologically. there is an extremely broad continuum that people fall upon with regard to that system transmitting incoming data to awareness.

I have been this way as long as I can remember. My first memory was being in temple when I was about 5 years old and hyperventilating and having to be taken outside away from all the people.? I also never understood why I would find myself hyperventilating standing in line at the market – not knowing I was reacting to the EMF from the cash register. The way I coped with going to parties with lots of people was to get numb, drink or use drugs. That was my coping mechanism for many years due to not understanding my sensitivity and that I was a?like a sponge, absorbing all the energy around.

A few typical traits of empaths and “sensitives”:

? You feel other people’s feelings

? Being in crowded places overwhelms you

? You crave peace and calm – negativity overwhelms you

? Displaying the symptoms of those around you

? Sensitivity to sounds and sensory feelings

? Easily feeling overwhelmed by incoming stimuli

? Personally feeling the energy of global crises and other people’s emotions

On the positive side, those of us with great sensitivity can use our “gifts” to help others. As a counselor, I can tune in and feel what my client feels and ultimately help them get more in touch with inner feelings and needs.? Our sensory experiences tend to be much deeper than the norm. We can deeply feel positive, loving emotions. We feel positive experiences more profoundly.

To begin to manage our sensitivity, we have to mindfully take control of our environment, making it peaceful and calm; use shielding of our energy, find positive outlets for the overwhelming feelings we might have i.e. tai chi, meditation practices, etc. We need to find grounding for our energy through being in nature, physical activity among others.

And, of course, using Pulsors.

I will address this issue further next month.